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Late in 2009, Missy the two year old tongue-thrusting epileptic chihuahua had only recently been voted Dog of the Month in the polo sports world in Polo Magazine, when thieves with a crowbar wrenched open a hired van and stole Missy from the parking lot of an Ikea store.

Her owner Becky Simpson, a polo luxury goods executive, offered a one-thousand pound reward for Missy's return. "Missy's like a child to me and worth the 1,000 reward to get her back. I've had her since she was 10 weeks old. I'm worried because she's on medication for epilepsy, so it's urgent I get her back, otherwise she'll collapse and could have fits."

Although the dog was very well known to thousands of people and the theft had a great deal of news coverage, Missy was never returned. Sad, sad.

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