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July, 2009. Lily the chihuahua was born in North Carolina with five legs. The extra leg had six toes. She is shown in top photo with her veterinarian, shortly before surgery to render her a normal little puppy.

She was days from being sold to a Coney Island freak show exhibitor before rescued by Allison Siegel, shown holding Lily in third photo. The freak show proprietor had offered $3,000 for the dog, but Siegel offered $4,000. When asked if that wasn't an awfully lot to pay for a deformed dog, Siegel said, "I just knew I wanted to make sure she had a good life."

"The Dog Bar" in Charlotte had a fundraiser event to assist for Lily's medical bills. I wish there was a dog bar in our town! And a dogs-welcomed restaurant and a dog movie house and ...

Five Legged Chi

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