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Roux shows the effects of inept inbreeding, born with a twisted stump for right front leg, and subject to seizures that make her whole body go temporarily stiff.

Her owner inherited her from another family that wasn't taking very good care of her. "She has a lot of problems walking. She kinda stumbles everywhere. I want her to be able to run where she wants and have fun like dogs should.

"I feel so bad for her because she tries so hard to play outside then usually ends up laying down. I guess it is my fault for always picking her up and holding her but I do worry about her and I don't want her to get hurt, she gets along very very well with our other dogs and she is in love with our husky."

She's best pals with a malamut and has many other friends, both canine and human. She enjoys life quite a lot now that she's getting love and attention, stumbly or not.

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