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Lucy the chihuahua saved the lives of Betty Betts, 68, and her son in Dallas, Texas. Lucy began barking for attention and seemed to want to go out, but at first Mrs. Betts ignored her because usually Lucy gets her own leash if she really needs to go.

As she was insistant that something needed attention, Betts looked out the window where Lucy indicated, and saw that the big pecan tree had split in two and was hanging together by a splinter.

Mrs. Betts grabbed Lucy, yelled for her son to get up from his nap, and they all got out of the house just as the tree came crashing through the roof, destroying kitchen and living room.

"I thank heaven for that dog," said Mrs. Betts. "If not for that dog, I don't know what would've happened. I love my dog." [October 2009]


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