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In Australia, in February of 2008, 42-year-old Paul Hansen went paragliding with his chihuahua. Fortunately he had his cellpone with him, as he crash-landed into a tree, dangling 115 feet in the air for hours, with Emma still safely harnessed to his tummy.

Hansen, who suffered from cancer, was in pain for need of medication. But eventually a helicoptor arrived with its emergency crew. While lowering Paul and Emma from the tree, one of the rescuers took video, which made the pair stars around the world in news coverage and on Animal Planet.

Senior Sergeant Paul McBride said the rescue was long and difficult. He said that Paul did "a fantastic job to maintain his composure at such a height in the tree."

When the story of the rescue of Australia's crash-landing paragliding chihuahua went world-wide, the newspapers weren't satisfied with the fuzzy pictures that the rescue team took. So the news pretended a stock photo of a chihuahua in goggles (as shown below), and with flight-ready ear-span, This was not Paul Hansen's dog Emma.

Anyone who saw the actual rescue footage on Animal Planet or on the web knew it wasn't Emma. It's a nice looking dog, though, by the name of Tuffy. It was photographed in 2007 by Timothy A. Clary at a Times Square dog-masquerade in Times Square.

Paragliding dog

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