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Papidies Capin is a longhair chihuahua who got entered by owner Dr. Leslie Capin in an on-line cutest-dog competition, sponsored by All American Pet Brands, a maker of premium dog food.

Papidies won the whopping prize of One Million Dollars! And Dr. Capin is giving the money to two struggling Denver pet shelters, the Dumb Friends League which is a century-old animal welfare and adoption organization, and the twenty-years-old MaxFund no-kill shelter. The million dollars will be divied out to the shelters over a thirty-year period. Dr. Capin says this "fullfills my dream to help animals."

Heidi Hahn, clinic director of MaxFund, said of Papidies, "He reresents every cute dog that has been adopted. He's going to save so many lives." [December 2009]


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