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Pee Wee Martini; aka, Son of Sam, is a Chinese crested/Japanese chin mix belonging to Kristin Maszkiewicz. He has a bent face, naked body, malformed jaw and missing teeth a lolling tongue, plus grotesque nails -- besides the punk rock mohawk.

Many regarded him "the last great hope" for Uglidom after the deaths of such famous ugly dogs as Sam, Gus, Zippy, Munchkin, Miss Ellie, and a few others. He was voted the World's Ugliest Dog, mutt category, in 2006, resulting in guest appearances on Regis and Kelly, Fox News, Entertainment Tonight, Geraldo at Large, Inside Edition, Animal Planet, and many other tv spots.

For all his deformities, Pee Wee sometimes seems almost handsome in a twisty-face sort of way, and the portrait below, by Dan Hudson, really captures Pee Wee at his best.

Pee Wee's Myspace Page

Interview with Pee Wee Martini

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