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Overweight Squiggy is a Chinese Crested and Japanese chin mix, not a chihuahua, but as cresteds are believed to have chihuahua in the development of the breed, I like to include a few of them at the Empire.

The Squigster's been a repeat contender for world's ugliest dog, but at the Northern California annual ugly contest he has only come in at number three. He belongs to New Englander Jean Cotton, who adopted him from Save A Dog in Framingham, Mass., when he was six weeks old. He was named for his hairdo, after Squiggy of the sitcom Laverne and Shirley.

She takes Squiggy on tour for in-person appearances at pet expositions and public schools. He's a very laid back guy who gets on well with elementary school kids, who very often don't find him the least bit ugly. "He has the coolest mohawk!" enthused one child.

His tongue lolls due to loss of teeth on one side of his head. He has tufts of hair on his feet but is otherwise hairless but for the mohawk. He almost always wears a sweater because he gets cold easily, especially as a New Englander (from Exeter, Rhode Island).

Some people can't tell he's a dog. "Somebody thought he was a monkey. And one day a state trooper went by, rolled down the window, and warned me I had a squirrel in the back seat."

His fame has put Squiggy in a position of responsibility. Among the causes he supports, he helps raise money for the Pet Refuge Animal Shelter in North Kingston, which amusingly enough is primarily a cat-rescue. Squiggy loves cats! "I think he's beautiful," said Cotton. "We call him aesthetically challenged."

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