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Porkchop -- a four year old Suffolk, Virginia chihuahua -- in January of 2010 -- lifted his leg on a telephone pole in front of the house of a "mean miserable old man" who came out of his house with a BB gun to teach the dog a lesson.

Dusty Gilstrap, the dog's owner who lived immediately across the street from the armed man, saw him cock the gun. Dusty reported, "I asked him not to shoot my dog and he did it anyways."

The tiny four year old dog was rushed to the veterinarian with a BB in his neck. He was home later that day, having survived the ordeal.

"He's like one of my kids, he sleeps with my kids," said Paula Gilstrap. "He's spoiled, goes everywhere we go, doesn't go outside a lot, he's just a baby -- he's like a baby."

Suffolk police arrested 50 year old Thomas Baker on one count of animal cruelty. "You don't shoot dogs," said Dylan, a five year old boy who often sleeps with Porkchop. "They are harmless creatures."

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