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Puppy Mill

There exists the working poor, generally as wholesome as anyone if not more so. But then there's white trash. Po' folk who do not toss their empties out the window of their trailer homes onto an ever-growing pile, keep their broken-down Honda up on blocks in the weedy yard, and abuse/neglect an excessive number of kids or dogs, should not feel insulted by such terminology as White Trash.

Those who are trash, supposing they have an inbred IQ sufficient to even know they are insulted, are welcome to feel despised; they merit zero Politically Correct pretend-respect.

In May of 2010, Shirley Turner of Richburg, South Carolina, was released on $7,500 bond after being booked into the Chester County jail on charges of animal neglect and abuse.

Turner ran an unliscensed puppy mill out of her single-wide trailer. Some of the dogs had no bowls for food or water. Others had plenty of food, but it was moldy. Conditions inside the trailer house were rank with feces and urine.

Sheriff Richard Smith was shocked Turner lived in the unclean residence with the poorly cared for animals, as it was almost impossible to breathe in the amonia stench. One dog had explosive diarrhea (which can be life-threatening through dehydration) and feces were splashed far up the walls.

Because of the unhealthy filth, dogs had eye ulcerations, skin infections, and parasites both internal and in their fur. None had had even rudimentary treatment of their various ailments.

Crazy Shirley was raising chihuahuas, Boston terriers, pugs, shih tzus, English and French bulldogs, maltipoos, and Jack Russells. Forty dogs were rescued by Animal Control. Turner's excuse for herself was bad health. She should add bad judgement and bad person.

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