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June 15, 2010, the Wilmington, Delaware SPCA, working on an anonymous tip, raided the basement of a daycare facility, rescuing sixteen small dogs, mostly chihuahuas, and seventy birds (parakeets, doves, lovebirds).

The crowded, unsanitary conditions were located immediately below the feet of preschoolers attending One Day At A Time Daycare, opened by Yolanda Vilafane in 2005.

Parents never knew their children were continously exposed to the risk of parasites and diseases. But hey, "One day at a time" is an alcoholic's slogan. Someone should've suspected something. Upon the SPCA's discovery, the daycare liscense was immediately suspended.

Vilafane was charged with two counts of animal cruelty, for failure to provide sanitary conditions and failure to provide clean drinking water. The dogs entered the shelter system where they were all expected to be adopted.

Wilmington Rescue

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