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Now here's a sad, sad tale, a tragic example of the capacity of human beings to do harm. The photos are of Zoey circa 2008. If you met this charming four pound sweetheart, would it ever occur to you to toss her off a bridge? Evil turd-man David Beers stole Zoey out of the front yard of Caisha and Timothy Wantz, who live near Jefferson, Maryland.

ZoeyMr. Turd-Beers, an ex-marine with anger issues, was mad at the home owners who had found him trespassing and asked him to leave their 25-acre property.

Feeling peevish they had a nice spread and he didn't, he lurked off the property edge in his car, waiting to see the couple leave. Then he drove up their driveway and stole their Chihuahua.

He drove the little dog four miles to Catoctin Creek Bridge on Route 464, chucked her out the car window and off the bridge. She fell twenty-plus feet to her death.

Caisha Wantz said, "I found a lot of comfort in her. She went with me everywhere." Their son, and a niece who lives with them, were also grieving deeply for Zoey.

The turd pled out in the circuit court. He was facing minor jail time, three years probation, small criminal fines, and a "restitution" to the Wantzes of less than $400 the price they'd paid for Zoey when she was a pup. Not nearly as much as he deserved. But we can hope, he will also have eternal recognition as "that evil turd who threw a little dog off a bridge."

The psycho turd claimed to be a good Christian. Happily his mild punishment isn't done yet. He is facing a civil trial, and what jury won't award the Wantzes a goodly amount for their horror, pain, and loss. Caisha says if they get a big settlement, they will use the funds to campaign to make the felony laws stricter against pet killers. "I don't want Zoey's death to be for absolutely nothing."


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