This mail art card from 11/12/93 states on the front, "Ratty -- In Your Honor -- Seiko." It may have been the first artistamp ever designed for Paghat the Ratgirl, though many artistamp designers in the decade to follow generously commemorated Paghat.

Boscographix is one & the same with Seiko Sato, one of my all-time favorite mail artists. I save only about one out of fifty pieces of mail art I receive, or less, yet this has somehow added up to scores of Seiko's cards that I could never part with. The fate of the tons of mail art I receive that I do not save is to be bundled up & shipped to other mail artists a pound at a pop, as part of "Paghat's Mail Share Service," to keep the good vibes circulating through the mail art community & bringing new people into contact with one another.

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