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"I have seventeen dogs," said Paris Hilton, and has added more sincce that count. "So I built a doggie mansion in my backyard. It's a replica of my house with a chandelier and the same furniture. They all live there."

Yeah, Paris often seems like a trivial human being whose position as an heiress has somehow rendered her unaware that most people have to think twice about the expense of follies.

But in reality, she and her sister Nicky are involved in some amazing charities which aren't part of Paris's carefully constructed image of fashionable excess. Even as kids Paris and Nicky involved themselves in raising money for cancer research and whatnot.

Today they give money to the Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, the Make-a-Wish-Foundation, Second Harvest, Union Rescue Mission, Richie Madden Children's Foundation, Clothes Off Our Back, and many other organizations relating to children at risk, the environment, family support, AIDS research, multiple sclerosis research, and so on.

This is part of the family's sense of noblesse oblige, as you have to look for the info since Paris seems generally adverse to bragging about it.

There may have been a braggy exception shortly after her tiny stint in jail, when Paris made a clumsy effort to reveal her actual charitable nature with an ill-advised and ultimately cancelled journey into Rwanda.

For that rare and unpracticed excursion into publicizing herself as more than a red carpet show-off, she was quickly maligned by the media as an Angelina-wannabe who was not the least bit socially aware. So she retreated into the image of a spoiled and pretty socialite and ditz.

The criticisms were wildly unjust given her charitible work from tween years to today.

But, well, when you create a public imagine of being a trivial human being I guess you gotta take a few hits along with the adulation of little girls delighted to see their Barbie doll sprung to life.

I guess that makes me an apologist for Paris Hilton but I get to make fun of her too when I feel like it.

And truth be told, I wouldn't give a rat's ass what she does except I share her love of chihuahuas Though it took a while for her to grow on me, I now follow the moronic reports on her life like millions of other dufuses on the planet, and I do respect a lot of what she does despite the shallow games she plays for public attention.

Animal rights loonies at PETA have assaulted Paris for such activities as wearing fur. In fact she does not wear real fur and has not dones so since Heather Mills showed her a video about animals raised for furs. She's been vegetarian since 2007. She's an easy target for dumbass nutjob organizations like PETA looking for publicity, but anyone who knows the truth about PETA knows it is run by loons who virtually never get anything right and do more harm than good for the lives of animals.

PETA has actually advocated killing animals to "save" them from being exploited -- including as pets. They pretend to be or imply they are an animal welfare organization -- which they are decidely not. At best they're an anti-animal-exploitation group with a dogmatic rather than animal welfare approach. But by the pretence they trick good people into giving money. Softhearted people give them cash thinking it'll save the life of some abused animal somewhere, and PETA when fundraising encourages this mistaken impression.

That money goes exclusively to the promulgation of a rhetoric of extremism and the occasional insane activist event that may just as well result in the death of animals for all they care. Give the money to PAWS instead, or any non-kill rescue or shelter group.

Read More About Disgusting PETA

But to return to the main subject, Paris Hilton, in the pair of photos beneath the doghouse picture, she's gettin' some good love from Jimi Hendrix, her small white chihuahua. Jimi Hendrix small and white? Never let it be said Paris has no sense of humor.

And the first photograph in-text above has Paris with some select members of her pack. Tinkerbell is in back with her head tucked down, a typical pose for the princess of chihuahuas. Upfront in the usual "I can see forever!" pose is Hirajuku. The white fellow she's kissing is the absurdly named Jim Hendrix. Her miniature yorkshire terrier is named London.

The second in-text photo shows Tinkerbell out and about with Paris, along with a small brown puppy named Golden Ticket.

The last photo, below, is of Prince Baby Bear, a longh-hair chi relaxing in the private garden ooutside the dog-mansion.

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