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I. Topics & Overviews

  • A Garden Walk of Autumn Azaleas & Rhododendrons

  • In Praise of the Variety & Beauty of Rhododendron Foliage

  • Mad Honey Disease: Bees & Rhododendrons

  • About Sun Tolerance in Rhododendrons

    II. Camellias

  • Camellia japonica 'Brilliant'

  • Camellia japonica 'Pink Perfection'

  • Camellia oleifera x hiemalis 'Showa-no-Sakae' aka 'Usubeni'

  • Camellia oleifera x hiemalis 'Snow Flurry'

  • Camellia sasanqua 'Rosea'

  • Camellia williamsii x oleifera 'Ice Follies'

    III. Azaleas & Rhododendrons

  • Rhododendron 'Album' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Alison Johnstone' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron 'America' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Anah Kruschke' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Anna Rose Whitney' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Antilope' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Apricot Surprise' deciduous Azalea

  • Rhododendron atlanticum, deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Blue Peter' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Brickdust' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron calostrotum ssp calostrotum var gigha

  • Rhododendron campylogynum var. cremastum

  • Rhododendron campylogynum var. cremastum 'Bodnant Red'

  • Rhododendron rupicola var. chryseum x ludlowii 'Chikor'

  • Rhododendron concinnum

  • Rhododendron 'Coral Bells' Kurume azalea

  • Rhododendron mucronulatum 'Crater's Edge' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Fatuosum Flora Pleno' double-flower ironclad

  • Rhododendron formosum var formosum

  • Rhododendron 'Fragrant Star' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'George's Delight' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Girard Crimson' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Girard Rose' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Golden Lights' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Goldflimmer' Variegated Ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Graf Zeppelin' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'The Honorable Jean Marie de Montague' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Hill's Bright Red' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Hino Crimson' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron hippophaeoides

  • Rhododendron intricatum

  • Rhododendron impeditum, Cloudland dwarf evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron impeditum x dauricum 'Karin Seleger' dwarf evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron macrosepalum 'Koromo Shikibu' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron kiusianum. Kyushu semi-evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Lee's Best Purple' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Loder's White' ironclad

  • Rhododendron macrophyllum, Pacific or Coast Rhody

  • Rhododendron 'Milestone' semi-deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron minus var minus, Carolinianum Group

  • Rhododendron 'Mount Saint Helens' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Mood Indigo' evergreen

  • Rhododendron 'Mother's Day' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron nakahari 'Mount Seven Star'

  • Rhododendron 'Mrs. Furnival' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Nova Zembla' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Oceanlake' dwarf evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron occidentale, Western Azalea

  • Rhododendron occidentale 'Stagecoach Frills' x R. calendulaceum 'Colossus,' the Western Flame Azalea

  • Rhododendron occidentale x cumberlandense 'Washington State Centennial'

  • Rhododendron oreotrephes

  • Rhododendron 'Orine Holm' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron pachytrichum 'Sesame' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Pamela Malland' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Pink Walloper' aka 'Lem's Monarch' ironclad

  • Rhododendron x simsii 'Pixi' evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'PJM Compacta' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron 'PJM Elite' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron ponticum 'Daphnoides'

  • Rhododendron ponticum var cheireanthifolium 'Variegatum'

  • Rhododendron yedoense var poukhanense 'Poukhanense Compacta' Korean azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Purple Splendor' Joseph Gable's evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Purpureum Grandiflorum' ironclad

  • Rhododendron quinquefolium, five-leaf deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron racemosum, racemed evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron racemosum x spiciferum 'Twinkles'

  • Rhododendron 'Rosebud' Gable evergreen double azalea

  • Rhododendron 'September Song' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Silver Sword' variegated kurume evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Snow Lady' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron 'Starry Night' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron stenopetalum 'Linearifolium' spider azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Stewartstonian' semi-evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron telmateium

  • Rhododendron tolmachevii, a fragrant-leafed Siberian rhody

  • Rhododendron tsai "affinity"

  • Rhododendron tsangpoense var pruniflorum, Tsangpo River rhody

  • Rhododendron 'Vulcan' ironclad

  • Rhododendron 'Whisperingrose' evergreen rhody

  • Rhododendron 'White Lights' deciduous Azalea

  • Rhododendron 'White Rosebud' Kehr Azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Whitethroat' deciduous azalea

  • Rhododendron 'Wojnar's Purple' ironclad rhody

  • Rhododendron keiskei var. cordifolia 'Yaku Fairy'

  • Azalea 'Youth,' a Glenn Dale/Ben Morrison evergreen azalea

  • Rhododendron yungningense