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  • A Garden Walk of Autumn Leaves: a linked chain of portraits chiefly of deciduous shrubs

  • A Garden Walk of Winter Berries: a linked chain of fruit portraits chiefly on shrubs & trees

  • Another Garden Walk of Berries: a linked chain of berry portraits other than in winter, chiefly shrubs & trees

  • Gardening, the Ephemeral Art

  • Nostaglic Sentimentality & the Garden

  • Flagstone Path

  • Lichens

  • Mushrooms & Fungi in the Garden

  • Puff Balls

  • Leaves & Leaf Mold, Nature's Own Mulch & Top-coating

  • Can English Ivy Injure the Trees it Climbs In?

  • Poinsettias are NOT toxic gol durn it

  • Can Household Ammonia Be Used as a Source of Nitrogen in the Garden?

  • Neem Worship: Myths vs Realities for the Usefulness of Neem Oil

  • Do Street Lights Harm Plants by Being On All Night?

  • Paper Wasps & Yellowjackets, the friends of gardeners

  • Are Sowbugs & Earwigs Beneficial to a Garden?

  • Our Friend the Springtail

  • Earthworms: Are They Ever Harmful to the Enviornment?

  • Science Proves! Bees Can't Fly!

  • Do Coffee Grounds Kill Slugs? Not really

  • Iron phosphate: The first honestly effective snail & slug bait

  • Stop blaming the dog for dead spots in the yard

  • A Sucker Born Every Minute: Ultrasonic & Subsonic Pest Control Devices

  • Deadly Polymers for Your Garden

  • Now You Too Can Kill Your Garden with Rubber Mulch!

  • Monrovia: The "Buyer Beware" Giant of the Nursery Industry

  • Volunteers: those unexpected garden arrivals

  • Lawn Loonies & Envirophobia

  • Don't Blame the Dog: Dog Pee & Lawns

  • Is Red Dye Harmful to Hummingbirds?

  • On Never Feeding Hummingbirds Too Concentrated a Nectar

  • Our Friend the Mole

  • Landscaping with Chipmunks

  • "Yo, Paghat, How Do I Keep the Squirrels from Harvesting all the Cherries?"

  • Thoughts on Stolen Fruit

  • Dumpster Diving

  • Meditations on Coopting Miniature Gardening Techniques for Any Finite Space

  • The Passing of the American Outhouse

  • Pros & Cons of Fireplace Ashes as a Natural Fertilizer

  • About Horticultural Charcoal

  • Why On Earth Do Some People Line Up Plastic Milk Bottles In Their Yards?

  • Telepathic Plants

  • Considering Washington State Symbols

  • Things to Do in the Garden in Winter

  • Garden Knickknackery

  • Steppingstones

  • A Forest Bowl for Bog Plants

  • Our Backyard During a Snowy Week in January

  • When Lilacs Fail to Bloom
  • Vaccinium spp & other berry antioxidants

  • Ancient Cultic Associations of Saffron Crocus

  • The Doctrine of Signatures

  • John Fothergill, Occult Physician & Patron to Botanists

  • Herbal Quacks Kill People

  • Urban Legend: Bilberries improve night vision

  • Pomegranates in Ancient Myths

  • Mythology of the Rose of Sharon

  • Daffodil Myths Part I: Narcissus & His Soul

  • Daffodil Myths Part II: Bazlith, the Supernal Bride

  • Myths of the Cedar of Lebanon

  • Passion Flower Symbolism

  • Hawthorn Myths

  • Myths of Holly Trees

  • Black Elderberry Myths

  • Life & Legends of the Ghost Flower, Monotropa uniflora

  • Legends & Lore of Purple Meadow Crane's-bill, Geranium pratense

  • Geranium robertianum, Herb Robert Care & Fairy Lore

  • Jacob's Ladder Myths

  • Solomon's Seal Myths

  • The Lore of the Balm of Gilead

  • Hops History, Care, Science, & Myths

  • Rosemary Myths

  • Anemone Care & Lore