Some Garden Knickknackery



Goddesses of the Akebia Arbor

On a country road we spotted a yard sale & pulled over. Mostly it was junk but we spotted this Twin Fertility-goddess from Kenya in among the rubbish. We brought them home with us & Granny Artemis affixed the twins high atop a gate entrance. The Goddess on the left protects Paghat the Ratgirl, the one on the right protects Granny Artemis, & when no one is watching they make mad love to one another.

The Spirit House

The other side of the same gate has an asiatic Spirit House similarly affixed atop the post. I think it's from Indonesia, but now I forget. I spotted it in a rather pricey upscale garden & gift shop, so it was not the incredible bargain-find the Twin Goddesses were, but I remembered having a garden spirit house as a kid under the tutelage of my beloved Thai stepmother Lumchuan, so I could not resist. Incense offerings are occasionally presented to the spirits therein.

Spirit House


A Bouquet of Gardening Devices

The cornucopia hanging on the gate latch has ended up an occasional catch-all for random gardening utensils. It presently has a "bouquet" of watering stakes in it, but elsetimes sports a trowel or two. It previously had a potted sedum in it waiting to be planted. Who knows what it'll have in it next.

Sparrow's Rain Shelter

Shelter We found some rusty vintage tools at another yardsale, on a dead-end country road. When we were loaded up & about ready to go, I pointed at a wooden birdfeeder laying on its side in the yard & asked, "Is that for sale?" Sure why not; it had never occurred to them that anyone might want the worn-out thing, but I thought it was beautiful. Gave 'em a dollar, brought it home, & set it on top of the gas meter until I could figure out what to do with it, & it's been on the gas meter ever since. We don't feed birds from it as our actual feeder's on the other side of the house near a picture-window where we can birdwatch. But one rainy morning I came around the corner & startled a sparrow that was standing inside this little shelter!


Sparrow's shelter
two years later

As the surrounding plants grow, the gas meter & the little wooden shelter on top begin to disappear.


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