Golden Feverfew

Golden Feather Daisy;
or, Golden Feverfew


This little six by eight inch clump of Golden Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium "Aureum," formerly Chrysanthemum parthenium "Aureum") grew from a tiny early Autumn planting, & didn't get very big its first year. This photo was taken of it in a low-maintenance sun-garden late in September when its very first white daisy-flowers appeared amidst young yellow-green foliage.

It will die back for a dormant winter, then return next year with a vengeance, with bushy gorgeous chartreuse scallop-leaves, & covered all over with half-inch blossoms beginning late spring or early summer & lasting until first frosts of Autumn. But even as a first-season little thing, it's quite interesting.

Smaller than the species by about half, Golden Feverfew can clump to a foot high & wide. It can be tender compared to regular ultra-hardy Feverfew, & may prove to be biennial rather than a perennial. But in a location that isn't too dry it will self-seed & return each year. Or a big clump if dug up & divided in its third spring before it is regrowing should be able to refresh itself quickly.

In the temperate Northwest it has few struggles & will bloom all summer long & well into autumn, especially if deadheaded for rebloom. It is extremely cold-hardy while dormant, a good choice even for Alaska gardening. It's so adaptable that in the south & southwest it is an autumn & winter bloomer that dies back in summer rather than in the winter as it does here on Puget Sound.

In the Northwest, if grown from seed (which must be sewn in autumn), it will almost certainly bloom by the end of the following summer, but in its second year will bloom beginning in May.

See also Wild Feverfew for a discussion of the widespread modern belief that it is a useful headache remedy, & see Featherleaf Tansy for additional culinary & traditional uses for the genus.


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