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Stove Part

Stove Part

This piece of iron hanging on the garage wall in the shade-plant corridor is a part of a woodstove. It's part of the flue, which would ordinarily never be seen, except for the handle on top, which sticks out of a metal chimney & can be turned to limit updraft. The shadow of an espaliered camellia is falling upon it.


Snapped a pic of this trowel in November 2002, where it had been hanging all day on a trellis Granny Artemis made from alder branches. The trowel has a brass neck & stained wooden handle. I don't like tools with plastic parts, & believe the tools I'm using in the yard should have some of the aesthetic merits as the garden itself.



Broken Trowel

This trowel got bent the very first time I used it. It was advertised as especially well made "to last a lifetime," made of stainless steel & mounted in a wooden handle that resembled the handle of a quality knife. But it was actually a way crappier than average trowel. Well, that's what I get for picking tools on the basis of their physical beauty. It must've been 2001 that it bent on first use, & I right then & there reached up & hung it by its leather gimp from the Franchett's cotoneaster arbor. It's still hanging there.

Plow Blade

The perfect location for this rusty plow blade has not yet been found. It has been moved here & there about the garden, & is at present leaning against a back fence. We got this & the other two pieces of iron shown on this page at a yardsale. I think all three items cost only about a dollar-fifty combined. The overhanging leaves are an Elf's Home Spirea.



Woodstove LidAnother Stove Part

This is the iron lid of a woodstove, leaning inside a vintage wooden window frame that I turned into a Camellia sasanqua espalier. Ever since I was a little kid I thought rusty tools & interestingly shaped pieces of rusty iron were beautiful. No pink plastic flamingos in our gardens!

Big Cone

At a yard sale I murmured to Granny Artemis, "If that big cone was a dime I'd take it home, toss it in the garden, & watch it rot over time." The seller overheard me & said, "You can have it, no charge!" So there it is, with May's Yellow Toadshades flowering nearby.



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