Garden Knickknackery Again!


Mouse Brick

Mouse Brick

This brick-sized ornament engraved with a fieldmouse is hanging on a fence post alongside a trellised evergreen climbing hydrangea.

Granny Artemis & I have pet rats, & for that reason this was just an odd thing I gave to her a birthday or two back.

on Small Concrete Shelf

This small concrete shelf cost next to nothing at a small roadside nursery. A couple years ago we brought it home, affixed it to the akebia arbor, but had nothing sufficiently interesting to sit on it that was a perfect fit. So the rock we put on it the first day has been there quite some while, though eventually I'm sure we'll find the perfect object.


ShelfFound something
for the shelf!

I don't know how long this had been on the shelf before I noticed Granny Artemis had replaced the rock with something quite nice to sit on it.

It's a wyvern that has been used in terrariums or aquariums for about twenty years, but now lives out in the yard.

Fireplace Grate

Here's a pot sitting on a fireplace grate at the side of the back porch. The grate was sitting out in the yard when we bought the house. The fireplace had an iron insert, & doubtless the grate was put outside when the insert replaced the open fireplace.



This knotwood or burl was scavenged by an elderly woman off her own property. She took it to her little arts & crafts shop in a nearby village. She uses this sort of thing to create dried flower & pine-cone arrangements. We saw the burl sitting on a lower shelf not yet incorporated into any of her arrangements, & I whispered to Granny Artemis, "That's look great just as it is laying out in the yard." So Granny Artemis asked if we could buy the hunk of wood, & the shop owner said she'd take a quarter for it. We set it at the foot of the deck's staircase, where a patch of variegated marjoram began to spread over & around it.

nestBird nest

Not every decoration in the garden gets put there by us. In October (2004) as some of the leaves over the akebia arbor & the towering red elderberry began to fall, this hidden bird's nest revealed itself. We never heard the birds nor noticed the parents coming & going while it was still in use, though it is only about five feet from the back door.


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